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Hi, all!

The Big Bang mods are posting our milestone 30k Banner for use for all of you lovely participating authors who've hit the all-important 35,000-word mark on our milestone date of February 22nd! Here you go, kids - Congratulations to all of you who made it this far!

Thanks so much to Big Bang artist [livejournal.com profile] red_rahl for our lovely artwork. Feel free to display this on your own website, LJ, or on your wall for instant encouragement!

We also want to remind all of you writers that the 40k milestone is just around the corner on 3/19. It's not necessary to have gotten that many words written in order to participate in the big bang, but it's a good idea to track your progress and the banners are our way of encouraging you on your journey.

Which leads me to our next topic: Author check-in! As a quick heads up, we'd like to know how many of you are participating and our on schedule to finish by next month's deadline (April 15th!!!!!!).

If you are still planning on submitting your fic to the challenge, please pop in over here on the official Big Bang forum and let us know! If you haven't had a chance to register and see our new community home, this is a great opportunity to do so as well.


Finally, to all of our past participating artists: We would love to have each and every one of you join us again! We've been able to contact most of you, and hopefully you've all heard from us by now. If you haven't, be assured this is NOT because we don't love you, but because we might have outdated contact info for you.

What you need to do is register at the forums above. Once you've done that, we'll give you access to our artists forum. You then need to check in on our artists' confirmation thread! We need you guys to do this so we can have a head count of our final number of participating artists.

We hope you'll all join us there at the new Big Bang forums. They're friendly and fun and there's always something going on. Most importantly for BBB readers - the forums are where to go to find out about new updates. So head on over, look around, feel free to ask questions.

To all of you participating authors: Good luck!!!!

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