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Aug. 27th, 2005 03:24 pm
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So. Many would-be writers of the original Big Bang Challenge indicated in our follow-up poll that they wished they'd had more support from this community throughout the process. Your mods discussed how exactly that could be accomplished and decided that, during the next month or so, we could post some open discussion topics on how you all are envisioning various aspects of the wizarding world, post-HBP. Hopefully this will help some writers see through the fog of their own mental landscape. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, or suggestions for how else we might support our writers, please let us know!

Topic: Hogwarts
How do you see Hogwarts in the year after Death Eaters breach the school's defenses, murdering its headmaster with the help of Hogwarts own student and staff member?
  • Will children return? Which parents are more likely to trust in the school ( e.g. purebloods, muggles, by house affiliation, etc.)
  • How is McGonagall likely to approach her new position as headmistress? What will her primary concerns be?
  • Will the Ministry interfere, and how?
  • How will Slytherin house fare, with their head of house and a popular student complicit in Dumbledore's murder? What is Slughorn's role likely to be?
  • …?

    This community has 400 watchers, so here's your chance to contribute! Don't be shy. Who knows, your cracked-out theory might just inspire your favorite writer!
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