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Name:Big Bang
Website:The Big Bang, Baby Challenges
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Big Bang, Baby: I. The Post-OOTP Challenge.
Big Bang, Baby: II. Endgame. Post-HBP Challenge.
Big Bang, Baby: III. Apocalypse.

The Big Bang: A gigantic explosion; the origins of our universe.

The Big Bang, Baby Challenge: To write the definitive Harry/Draco fic. As JKR's saga closes, we have followed Harry's and Draco's stories and created our own. For seven years their orbits have intersected, and their stories cannot be completed without one final, explosive confrontation.

This is the original Big Bang Challenge. It has run concurrently for three years in 2005, 2007, and 2008. This community served as a support and information community for writers and artists participating in the challenges throughout the years. We are grateful to all of you and all of our readers for your encouragement and enthusiasm.

Please note: there is no reason to join the community at this point in time. All information, fanfic and artwork can be found at our website, and there are no longer any updates being made to this community nor old material that's unique. It is therefore closed.

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